Thursday, May 14, 2009

OMFGers Kitana

The number 1 jiz-in-ur-pants hottie for gamers and geeks all over the world- a true lady, a femme warrior, a dramma queen and damn good-looking bitch for her mature age (she is kinda 10 000 years old, not bad). Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Kitana, the primary hero in the supa dupa cool Mortal Combat saga.

There is too much royal blood in this girl! She is the princess of Edenia and the daughter of Queen Sindel. Unfortunately, as every worthy aristocratic female, Kitana also prefers to whore up with ordinary guys and shares a short cyber romance with the Earthrealm champion Liu Kang. She is currently single and professionally oriented.

Definitely raised on leather, Kitana is a 100% asskicker (even Chuck Norris has respect for her). She is a master of the Eagle Claw and Ba Gua Shao Lin fighting styles. The 5 things that she always has with her are: uchiwa steel fans, a secret diary, a slutty corset, an extra volume mascara, and a whiskey shot to spend the lonely nights with. Even though it's impossible to be cooler than she already is, the Mortal Kombat team is seriously considering the idea to provide Kitana with an iFone. True story.

Kitana is a true OMFGer and a big banger with class. Respect for that chica!


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