Saturday, June 6, 2009

Louis Dostoevsky Vuitton

Dear sweeties,

If you find reading Salinger and Steinbeck as super boring, maybe you should try with the Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion And Architecture. I am sure that photography, the style and the esclusiveness (don't forget that you pay 125 euro) will be delivered on 100%. It would be a great birthday gift for sophisticated connoisseurs, fashion freaks, extrovert pervs, or just posers. It's designed by Takashi Murakami: the hardcover with a “LV with Hands” jacket and a plexiglass slipcase engraved with Damier pattern. Of course, it's on sale exclusively in Louis Vuitton’s stores and on

I do recommend the website. Me, honestly, couldn't stand the whole punch of exalted middle-aged post plastic surgery snobs and wannabe-rich gays.


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