Friday, September 11, 2009

The Genie from the Bottle on the Table

Bad news for those who think that ordering bottle after bottle in the clubs is still a sign for prosperity and high class. Saving the whole week for a Mumm champagne that you then share with the rest of 15 people on the table, is not that cool anymore, you know...but not everything is lost!

Here are some techniques that could positively affect your club mana, make you more noticeable, and make you feel as a real aristocrat at least for a night!

1. Put stones in your whiskey. How?

2. Buy the 24/7 Mummm champagne bag. You will not anymore be forced to keep an eye on the table because the precious bottle will be now portable and always right next to you! How?

3. Don't take yourself too seriously and just have fun!


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