Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun in the glass Part 2

Hey, remember the creepy tea-infuser Sharky? I guess I became a fan of all the funny objects that you can put in your glass and make a hyper ordinary experience, such as tea/milk drinking, as super cool! In today's session I will expose the Calf&Half creamer that gently reminds us where the milk comes from (hopefully). Gin&Tonic is a 'ship' ice-cube kit for Gin experinece, wow (yeah, i know it was kind of obvious). I like the concept though 'Sink one in your drink'- it's damn true- at least you're not gonna sink alone because this is what happens when you get too much of the Ginnie bottle. Hey, there is also something for the lonely hearts at the party. Cheer up, dudes, at least you can share the delightful company of a hottie while drinking!

GIN & TITONIC™ sink one in your drink. Design: Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio

CALF & HALF™ the udderly irresistible creamer. Design: Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred studio

PEEPSHOW™ get an eyeful. Design: Jansen


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