Monday, October 19, 2009

Wicked games

Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld, Heidi Klum , Spice Girls, Kendra Wilkinson&Chasey Lain, all of them at one certain point hit the market with their own collectible dolls. Well, what type of market these dolls are targeting and what is their real application is a different story. Here you can check some of the latest models. I really wanted to respect the curiousity of the male audience and display a picture of Kendra's doll, but after the whole bunch of stories for defected computers from 'adults' websites, I wouldn't risk at all!

Terry Richardson and Uncleyork

Karl Lagerfeld, Tokidoki and the ultimate effect of his notorious 'Zero Coke diet'

Heidi Klum and the Blond Ambition collection

The Spice Girls fantastique and my no comment.


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