Friday, January 15, 2010

My personal Top 5 for this week

1. Jesus Luz for the Interview issue. Do we really need any comment on that, it's more than obvious! Link to Interview
2. De Jordaan area in Amsterdam. Well, the picture is not up-to-date since here is something like -68596238956239856 degrees but it's still one of my favourite places here.
3. Super useful and catchy site, of course, recommended for peole that have interest in Geekland.
4. Banksy and his graffiti art. This guy is really talanted and I start to get more and more obsessed with him. Do you know how many people out there are eager to see what his new piece will look like and where exactly will be? Check his work
5. Goran Bregovic the 'Songbook' album . Sezen Aksu + Kaya + Iggy Pop = damn good music!


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