Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't judge too quickly

I know that it has been a loooong time since Anton Corbijn shot the G-star autumn/winter 2010 campaign and this is not news-worthy at all. But I also know that there are still so many people out there asking the question "What were those guys smoking when picking up the models?!!?". And to be very honest that was also my first reaction when I saw the new campaign - Liv Tylor - uh fine - but then this serious bitter dude sitting next to her - wait a sec!

Follows the good old story: -> G-star 2010 NOT model look alike guy / G-star 2010 why this guy etc. So here is the deal...

The guy's name is Magnus Carlsen and he is still the youngest-ever world Nr.1 chess master. He is Norwegian and currently aged 19. WOW! And after this piece of information you just stop giving a damn if he looks good on the billboards and what was the G-star team smoking when picking up the models. I was truly impressed by his story and one more time gave myself a promise that will never ever agin judge people by the way they look...on billboards.

You can check out his interview in GQ. My favourite one is (and my personal reaction just proved it):
GQ: Have you ever impressed women with your chess-playing ability?
MC: I think in general many women are impressed by people that are very good at something.

The young chess prodigy has figured out a very important lesson, hasn't he?


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