Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tarot's wisdome for iPhone

As much as I am tryting to stay serious and not burst into laughter, I should also admit how multi-functional an iPhone can be. So all the single ladies people that are curious to read their future, now available an iPhone app called PicTarot™ (don't forget the trademark in the end). And this is the website from which you can download it and listen to the deep male voice explaining you the basic idea of the Tarot cards.

Reading techniques in four steps:
1. One card revelation: just a very quick question to get it started

2. The next step: whatever that should be

3. The cross: ...

4. My relationship: Ta-ta-ta-taaaam

Some time ago I went to Nomads for a diner and for the criminal amount of 5 euro or 15 (I am not quite sure) you can have the real experience. You can always try just for the fun!?!


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