Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Occam's razor or Keep it simple, stupid!

Yesterday I was held hostage happened to attend a girls night out, you know those kind of nights when you hang out with a bunch of newly-single or forever-single gals, drink cocktails, talk about absolutely annoying topics and jointly dig the city for a matching company of dudes to play too-hard-to-get but secretly hoping you will end up touching nipples with some of them. Hilarious. Anyway, a lot of stories have been shared during that night and I literally felt like the female version of Dr. Phil. Still, I find it very entertaining because this whole theatre gives me the same feeling of pure joy and internal harmony that only an episode of The Jersey Shore can create.

So here is my favorite rebus from last night. This on chick met THE guy - very extraordinary male, everything was fine, bla bla bla, BUT she was calling him earlier that day and he did not pick up the phone. Once. And it's been already 4 hours since he did not call back. What a girl is usually doing in this kind of situations - setting her sick imagination free. Oh my. Trying to figure out why he did not pick up the phone, we started with the innocent 'maybe he is just sleeping or forgot it at home' evolving to the final assumptions that 'most probably he did not pick up the phone --> because he is avoiding you --> because he is not that much into you anymore --> he is now cheating on you --> and eventually he will soon break up with you'. See - a whole plot we have here. My suggestion that he might be guy didn't fly. Think it was too trivial for them, it had to be something bit more complicated I believe. The girl spent the whole night staring at her phone and you know what, HE actually did call back in the end an he did not break up or any of the crap that was assumed.

Regardless the happy ending I still want to put her under suicide watch.

Long story short. Many years ago a smarter person than me concluded - when faced with competing hypotheses that are equal in other respects, select the one that makes the fewest new assumptions. It's called the Occam's razor and according to this principle the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. Believe it or not but if you follow it you can make your life so much easier. No matter how tempting it is to create a new drama typhoon, sometimes is just better to keep it simple!


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