Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Italian affair

Here are some must-go events, that I have to visit before leaving the bounderies of this magical country, that is pissing shine and glitter all over its territory. Italy has the last chance to win the battle for my absolutely geographic-whore heart. Anyway, I checked out the schedules of the events and now I am pretty intrigued!!!

Here are the winners from today's lottery. All of them are held in the beginning of July, since I am totally absorbed in the mission to teleport my skinny ass (auto-praise, give me a low five) back in Bulgaria by the mid of July. I will leave you the honour to google them by yourself (mooning).

'Il Palio' di Siena
It's a great horse race, that takes place around the central municipal square of the city/village- Piazza del Campo (why am I not surprised that something so relevant is situated around the piazza). If you are in Siena between 2 and 6 July, the Palio is an event that I cordially recommend you to visit. If not- you can always enjoy Siena itself and the Piazza del Campo.

The World Fireworks Championship
If you missed the 2009 New Year's Eve fireworks because you mixed a lot and you were totally wasted, here is your chance to compensate for the loss! Go to San Remo, pretend to be a fantabolous movie star, wear the 200-bucks dress that you bought for New Year's Eve (but didn't get the chance to impress anyone with, because fellows around you were mostly considered wether you will survive the night or not) and this time try to get some photos.

The Italian Mother's Day
I am kidding. There is no particular day for this, people here celebrate it all the time.

Today I'll Buy My Own Appartment Day
Usually, this is an event that is being mentioned only in the prehistorical myths or the ancient Italian fairytales. Most of the tourist guides provide the following description of the event: a chimerical illusion that most of the italians believe in untill they reach their 50s.

Five holy letters: S A L E S
This is my personal number one event ever!!! Honestly, I cannot describe with words the ingeuine joy that runs through my save-whole-year-money-for-the-saldi veins. It's the craziest period in Italy and flocks of fashion disasters from all over the world (mostly Eastern Europe) are coming to support the Italian economy. If you can't find something that fits your hyper- sophisticated taste, which is kind of impossible, you can always start a fight with a random chick that wants to steal from you the last leopard bra in the store. But don't forget a very important rule from the 'Survival Guide for Girls': Never start a fight with an ugly person. They haven't got anything to lose!

Magazzini Generali

A club, that has welcomed too many DJs, that just know how to make you scream 'Gimme some mo'. You just dance your ass off till the early hours when you run out of money and is time to go...I have great memories from Magazzini and will do my best to spill some more Long Islands over my buddies (or someone that I don't know, but dances in a close proximity to me or just me) for the last time.

The agenda for July is not available yet, so I'll post the updates as soon as I receive them on my mail.


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